Arion Adult Maintenance food

14 sierpnia 2015

Owning a dog requires a lot of responsibility. It is not just about the daily care associated with being out for walks and swimming, but also for the administration of food chosen due to his individual needs. In order to choose the right food for your beloved pet you may want to consult your veterinarian. Also a good idea is to go to a specialist pet store, where a specialized and well trained staff will help you to choose the right food. One of the most recommended products are those manufactured by Arion company.

Very popular food is Arion Adult Maintenance, because it is a product targeted for dogs with normal activity. It fulfils all the basic needs of your pet, and in addition also contains vitamins needed for his proper development. All nutrients are chosen by the best specialists. In the long process of careful selection of these components very important was to include: proteins and carbohydrates, the dog will digest with no problem, the micro and macroelements at the properly balanced level and high content of amino acids.

The result of eating this food is a significant reduction of constipation, which some dogs have a serious problem. Arion Adult Maintenance includes: cereals, meat, oils and fats ... all that makes it so willingly eaten by the dogs and so willingly purchased by the owners.