Arion Adult Light food

14 sierpnia 2015

Adequate nutrition of beloved pet is very important, therefore many owners pay particular attention to the selection of food. It should have ingredients that will have a positive impact on the development of the animal to which it is given. Many people still believe that all food is suitable to serve their pets. Unfortunately this is not true, because the type of food, which we will give to the pet will have a huge impact on his development. It should have nutrients that will affect the health, and consequently also the appearance of a dog or cat.

A beautiful and shiny hair is a sign of the health of your beloved pet. You can ensure it with products offered by a well known and reputable company Arion. All Arion products are created with great care and attention to detail. The team of trained professionals at the Research Center in Belgium creates recipes providing our pets with all ingredients necessary for their proper development. An example of one of them is Arion Adult Light. As the name suggests this is a product designed for adult dogs.


Light form proves that it should be administered to animals with a tendency to gain weight. As we know, no pet can live properly if he have to contend with additional kilograms. They interfere in the fun and general daily functioning. Arion Adult Light prevents the absorption of components having a negative impact on animal's weight. Weight reduction is the main goal of this food. The amount of calories contained in it is limited to the necessary minimum and the additional amount of vitamins has a positive impact on the functioning of the body of the dog.