Arion Adult Maintenance Large Breed

14 sierpnia 2015

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows what that is connected with. A huge responsibility for his proper development is something that needs to acquire adequate knowledge and skills to use it in practice. Care for the dog is not only to bath and play with him, but also knowledge of the provision of adequate food. As is well known, food supplied to large and small dogs should differ significantly. Depending on the size and activity of the dog an appropriately selected food should be administered.


Company that has a wide range of food products for our beloved pets is a company Arion. It's offer is addressed, among others, for dogs prone to weight gain, with a sensitive stomach, small, large ... One of the most popular food is Arion Adult Maintenance Large Breed. It is designed for large breed dogs with a standard level of activity. Just like Arion Adult Maintenance, it contains all the necessary ingredients for proper development of the dog, but some components are included in different proportions. Arion food have been developed to make the granules ensure the proper oral hygiene. This is the guarantor of the proper development of our beloved pet.