Arion Bravo Croc 24/10

14 sierpnia 2015

Dogs are animals often found in many households. Very often their owners pay great attention to what their beloved pet eats, which is why they carefully select a proper food. Choosing the right food is not easy, because in the market there are many products for everyday feeding of domestic animals. There are companies that specialize solely in the creation of articles for one or two types of animals.

One of such a company is Arion, which offer includes products for cats and dogs. Particularly rich offer is dedicated for dogs owners. Each food is created with great care. The team of skilled professionals strives to make every product contain sufficient amount of nutrients essential for proper development of a beloved pet. As we know, healthy dog is a happy dog.

Arion food are manufactured in such a way that each type of dog could find appropriate one, that will cover all his needs, both for value and flavour. One of these products is Arion Croc Bravo 24/10. It is intended for adult dogs with normal physical activity. Presence of chicken and rice is important in it's composition. In the case Arion food, it is very important that they have components of both animal and vegetable origin, which has a considerable impact on the health of the pet.