Arion Multi-Vital 28/13

14 sierpnia 2015

Every dog owner should be aware of how important it is to take care of ensuring their beloved pet a properly balanced diet. The food, which is provided to the pet is as important as the fact that dog should go for a walk every day. It is so important because only by eating sufficiently rich in nutrients food, our dog can develop. This can be ensured by food of Arion company. Probably a lot of people have heard of this company, which is engaged in manufacturing food for dogs and cats, but few people know that all the food is developed by qualified staff of professionals working in a research centre in Belgium.

A variety of food intended for individual requirements of dogs, is created there. One it, produced on the basis of the specific needs of dogs is Arion Multi-Vital 28/13, which is designed for active and working dogs. It contains significant amounts of protein, so important building component. In addition, elements reducing the risk of allergies, which can manifest itself by reducing the activity of internal organs can be found there. Minerals contained in Arion Multi-Vital 28/13 have a huge impact on maintaining the health of the dog.