Arion Puppy Premium

14 sierpnia 2015

There are many breeds of dogs. Type of the dog impacts on how you spend time with him, as well as what kind of food we can give him. As we know, animals that are not inherently active and vital will not need such a high dose of vitamins and nutrients as those who could run and play in the big areas for all day. In view of the second group of dogs Arion established Puppy Premium, food, which includes all the necessary ingredients that can deliver a high energy.

This type of food is intended for viable puppies that require large amounts of vitamins and nutrients essential for proper development of the skeleton and soft tissues. Protein deficiency detrimentally effects on the health of the dog and causes subsequent problems later in his life. In the case of forages produced by the Arion company, it is important that all food is selected in careful manner. Specialists develop the formula pay much attention to the fact that the final product not harm delicate digestive tracts of puppies. The composition of the Arion Premium Puppy is so delicate that they can it can be served even to lactating and pregnant females. All ingredients contained in the food make it willingly eaten by the dogs.