Arion Puppy Small Breed Lamb & Rice

14 sierpnia 2015

Dogs should receive not only the food according to their age, but also depending on their breed. This, what is supplied to large dogs should significantly differ from what will small dogs get. Arion company, producing food for dogs and cats has in its offer types of food that can be served only to small breed dogs. One of these is Arion Small Breed Puppy Lamb & Rice, which is addressed not only to the owners of small breed dogs, but also for pregnant and lactating females. This is possible thanks to the composition of the food, which includes, among others, rice and lamb.


The high content of energy in food has a big impact on the normal development of the dog, to which is administered. Also, a very important fact is that granules are small what is a significant improvement for small dogs with small jaws. Arion Small Breed Lamb & Rice contains a very important component: an extract from yucca, whose properties neutralize the odour of stool. Dogs that eat Arion company food grow up healthy and have plenty of energy for everyday activities, which only encourages their owners to buy the products of this company. Arion offers to its customers the highest quality food, so dogs that eat it are so healthy.