Adult Maintenance Small Breed

14 sierpnia 2015

Everyone who has a dog knows how important it is to pay close attention to the food that will be delivered to him. That's why many people choose to consult with a veterinarian, which are designed to solve problems related to digestion of beloved pet. An equally good option is to go to special pet stores, where carefully trained staff will advise us what we should buy.

Type of karma, which we are going to give to our pet a should be chosen properly to his shape and needs. For small dogs, whose adult weight reaches up to 10 kg, a special Arion food is designed - Arion Adult Maintenance Small Breed. In this case it is extremely important that the granules contained therein are adapted to the size of the teeth and jaw of the dog. The advantage of food produced in the company's Research Centre is that they are delicious and have a high level of digestibility. It is very important that all the elements contained in the feed are permitted in the European Union.

Adult Maintenance Small Breed has all the ingredients needed for the proper development of small breed dogs. Evidence of high efficiency are the opinions of Internet users, which can be found on many forums devoted to pets.